When should I have my trees pruned?

There are many differing “opinions” that you may hear concerning this question. In general timing is less important than people think. If a tree is pruned correctly almost any time frame is OK. There are some exceptions however. Trees that can become infected by diseases through pruning cuts should not be pruned while that disease is active. An example of this would be the bacterial disease fire blight. Susceptible hosts (Apple, Crabapple, Hawthorn, etc.) should not be pruned during disease activity.
Trees that have damaging insects should not be pruned during periods of high activity. The cutting of branches can actually attract the potentially damaging insect. Examples of this are pruning Pines during Pine Beetle flights or American Elms during elm bark beetle flights.
Your arborist should be able to tell you when it is safe to prune your different plants.

Posted in: General Tree Care