Deep Root Fertilization

Trees growing in urban soils benefit greatly from the added nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins and organic matter that come from a deep root fertilization. Trees with enhanced root zones show more microbial activity, better suited pH levels, less soil compaction and better soil structure. Deep root fertilizing (liquid root feeding) allows us to add or improve many soil components.

Soil Chemistry

The relationship between plant uptake and soils is complex. Water availability, soil pH, soil fungi, compaction and other factors all play a role in a plant’s ability to uptake nutrients. We take regional soil factors and specific plant needs into consideration when fertilizing. Beyond promoting growth, the goal is also to create a better soil environment.

The Process

A probe is used to get below the soil so the fertilizer can be injected directly into your tree’s or shrub’s root system. We fertilize with a slow release soluble fertilizer to improve plant vitality and strengthen response to the impacts of various abiotic and biotic stresses. Feeding under pressure also aerates the soil to combat compaction. Supplemental iron, additional micro-nutrients, and soil acidifying agents are added as needed.

Mixing a Cocktail

Each plant has its own needs and soil preferences. Using a liquid mix, we can adjust factors to suit a property or specific tree. We often use different tanks with separate fertilizing mixtures on a property and can add chemicals that give plants systemic insect or disease control. Ask one of our arborists if any of your plant material could benefit from one of our custom “cocktails.”