Tree removal can be a critical component of every urban forestry management plan. Tree health, safety, or landscape reconfiguration can all mandate that a tree be removed. Our crane, bucket trucks, communication technology, and skilled arborists allow us to remove even the largest trees safely. This specialized equipment also increases efficiency, making our removal pricing very competitive.

Why Use A Crane?

  • Increased safety and productivity.
  • Little to no damage around removal zone.
  • Superior reach to get into tight areas with little room to work.
  • Computer analysis to assist in rigging decisions.
  • Less worker fatigue (which can lead to injury or accidents).

Why Use Fine Tree Service?

  • We own the crane!  Our operators work with arborists every day.
  • Costs of crane rentals (which we don’t pay) can greatly increase the cost of tree removal.
  • Our staff are certified arborists with degrees in related fields who undergo constant educational and safety updates.
  • Because of the in-house equipment and experience, we can remove trees efficiently and pass the savings on to you.
  • We are fully insured for all equipment and personnel on site.

A Less Sad Goodbye

Losing a tree can often be traumatic. We work with a local furniture maker who can take logs from a removal, process the lumber in his local sawmill, and create a custom piece of woodworking. It’s great to see some of the local forest becoming doors, cabinets or tables!  Sometimes trees do have to go, but their use can go on. Check out some of his furniture at