Plant Health Care Calendar

Aphid Spray May-August
Ash Borer Spray April-May
Bronze Birch Borer Spray May-June
Codling Moth Spray I May-June
Codling Moth Spray II July-August
Crown Plum Borer Spray June-July
Deep Root Fertilization-Fall August-October
Deep Root Fertilization-Spring March-May
Dormant Oil Spray October-November
Emerald Ash Borer March-June
Fruit Reduction Spray May-June
Hackberry Nipple Gall Spray May-June
Honey Locust Borer Spray May-June
Ips Beetle Spray I March-April
Ips Beetle Spray II July-August
Juniper Scale Spray May-June
Leaf Spot Spray May-June
Locust Borer Spray July-August
Locust Plant Bug Spray May-June
Merit Injection March-May, August-September
Mountain Pine Beetle Spray May-July
Oyster Schell Scale Spray May-June
Pine Tip Moth Spray May-June
Pinyon Nodule Moth Spray July-August
Pinyon Pitch Mass Spray May-June
Pinyon Tip Moth Spray May-June
Plant Health Care Visit-Early Season May-June
Plant Health Care Visit-Late Season June-July
Plant Health Care Visit-Mid-Season July-August
Poplar Borer Spray July-August
Shot Hole Borer Spray May-June
Spidermite Spray June-July
Transfilm Spray I November-December
Transfilm Spray II January-February
Turf Fertilization I March-April
Turf Fertilization II May-June
Turf Fertilization III July
Turf Fertilization IV August-September
Zimmerman Moth Spray I March-April
Zimmerman Moth Spray II August-September

Timing of insect activity can vary from year to year based on changing environmental conditions. We constantly monitor for activity during the growing season to ensure proper timing of treatments. Some services (deep root fertilizing) have larger windows. With others such as oyster shell scale crawler, we have only one week to complete. For this reason we keep detailed records and review each landscape during each visit to make sure treatments are effective.