Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

Pine beetle has crossed the divide, and studies show wind can transport them many miles during flights. There are pockets of heavy mountain pine beetle damage in and around Estes Park. Similar scenarios (Grand and Summit Counties) have led to complete deforestation. Many beautiful pine trees are being lost along the front range.  A good management plan that includes proper tree spraying is essential to protecting your growing investment.

Trees at Risk

All Pines (particularly Lodgepole, Ponderosa, Scotch and Limber Pines).

Signs and Symptoms

Trees turning brown/red. Pitch tubes (brown, pink or white masses of sap).


Prevention is key. Trees must be sprayed before attack by a qualified professional. All trees of importance should be sprayed to ensure complete protection. Good cultural practices such as forest thinning and infected tree removal are also critical. We’re happy to recommend a forestry company that services the northern Colorado mountains. 

Along the Front Range

Mountain Pine Beetle has become established along the front range, and attacks on trees are not uncommon. Scotch Pine appears to be the tree of choice, with hundreds being attacked on the Fort Collins area over the past few years. Many well irrigated pines have been able to withstand attacks by drowning the adult beetles in pitch; others have been lost.  The beetles haven’t been following the “rules” they normally adhere to in the mountains, making the management and timing along the front range challenging.  Trees of value in landscapes should be considered for chemical preventative sprays. Once trees are attacked, there is unfortunately little that can be done.

Reasons to Spray

  • Mountain Pine Beetle populations are increasing in and around Estes Park. Experts predict that
    without adequate prevention, 80% of native pines could be infected and lost.
  • Having live trees remaining on your property helps retain property values.
  • It costs far less to spray to prevent an attack than to remove an infected tree.

Why Fine Trees?

  • Our ISA Certified Arborists hold degrees in forestry and arboriculture from reputable universities (the crew).
  • We have a full understanding of pesticide use, storage, handling, application and safety.
  • Our team has repeatedly achieved near perfect results in protecting trees against extreme insect
    pressure in areas throughout Summit, Grand and Larimer Counties.
  • We surpass the label requirements for application, adding additional components to our mix, prolonging effectiveness and surface coverage.
  • No shortcuts! Every tree is thoroughly covered.
  • As knowledgeable professionals, we understand the importance of application timing and acceptable site conditions.